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Care Vocational Institute is a voluntary organization providing training aimed at learners and volunteers within and outside our organization who are also from different social and ethnic backgrounds .our focus is to become an institution that equips its volunteers and those disadvantaged in the community: 

 to standards that enables them carryout their voluntary duties, also help the disadvantaged in the local community with training that will help them join the job market.

Our Objective

To encourage, motivate and support all individuals to take advantage of further and higher education provisions. To become a professional in an arena of vast opportunities. To help individuals meet the practical  skills and knowledge required to ensure that people are current, efficient and innovative.

o enable an individual to realize his/her full potential and encourage them to become a professional, utilizing their full potential. Working  towards an equal opportunities society, adhering to legal and regulatory obligations.

We at Care Vocational, provide training for our volunteers, and our training is also extended to the community; care homes and nurseries.

To promote employability/ and career development, for the unemployed, we provide placements position for them in various health care and child care establishment which we work with.

Our Staff

All our staff are Qualified  and DBS checked, and fit for the job.


Care Vocational is now accepting care home and care agency staffs for training in area of health and social care and child care.

This training is funded by skills funding agency .

The programme  runs for between 12 to 18 months with additional weeks if required to complete the course, under the apprentice funds.

 Assessors and tutors could assess the workers at work, and regular online communication with the centre,  is provided to monitor the training programme.

All health care and child care establishment are welcome to apply.


0208 616 7176