Care Vocational works with a range of awarding bodies to accredit it’s programmes and the accreditation process requires external verification of learner submissions.

External Verifiers visit the centre once or twice a year to check on the quality of the provision, prior to External Verification learner submissions are also internally moderated on an on-going basis and are structure in the same way as the External

Verification process. The dates for both internal and external verification are set in advance, although there may be modifications on occasion. As a learner it is useful for your to be aware of the dates of verification processes as these give you an idea of when you will have the official outcome of your submissions and subsequently your qualifications as well as certification.

These verifications support your goals and ensures you have a date to work with to achieve your goals.

The dates for this year’s verifications are detailed below.

Internal Verification

External Verification  these dates have been  agreed currently they may be some modifications, which will be updated bi weekly  on this  section of the website.